Welcome to our new website! As we prepare to enter our 25th anniversary year in 2017 of continuing operation, it’s hard to imagine how much our profession has changed over these many years. We have been fortunate to welcome some of the most critical thought provoking leaders to present at our Harvard Club programs. We’ve hosted major funders like the Hearst Foundation, with both Bob Frehse and then George Irish presenting ten years apart. We’ve also engaged political leaders like Scott Harshbarger State Attorney General and US Representative Barney Frank. Academics like Paul Schervish of Boston College discussed the intergenerational transfer of wealth, and we explored the profiles of billion dollar campaigns going back to the first Harvard campaign to the recently completed Dana-Farber Cancer Institute campaign with Sue Paresky and her campaign chair, Josh Bekenstein from Bain Capital.

Our momentum continues. This year has been a banner year for our organization. We held a major program at Fenway Park with the representatives of the Red Sox Foundation and later in the year hosted a compelling program with Mike Sheehan of the Boston Globe describing the creation of the the Boston Marathon bombing “One Fund,” a task he undertook while former head of Hill Holliday. Finally, on June 3 we hosted Sacha Pfeiffer, Boston Globe Spotlight reporter, who described her work with the academy award-winning movie of the same name, as well as her work on the paper’s newly established philanthropic and nonprofit beat.

Next year promises to be our best year yet and we strongly encourage anyone with the prerequisite ten years of experience in the field of philanthropy to become a member of this all volunteer association of thought leaders in our industry.

Mark T. Cummings
The Friday Forum