About Michael Hammerschmidt

For more than thirty years, Michael Hammerschmidt has been active in higher education, healthcare, and community based fundraising. He has led major campaigns and gift programs throughout the United States, including those at: University Foundation at California State University, Northridge, Tulane Law School, Brandeis University and The New England Aquarium. Michael is currently Senior Philanthropy Advisor for Life Sciences at CHF in addition to serving on the Board of The Friday Forum.

The Common Good

When did we stop caring about one another? I live in a neighborhood that has a neighborhood association and some land that is jointly owned by 97 homeowners. Some of the roads are town roads and some are private, and all could use repair work. The neighborhood is split between those who abut the private [...]

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Jim Canales, The Barr Foundation, September 23, 2016

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