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Mark, Past-President of The Friday Forum, is a Private Consultant and Board Member of NEAHP (New England Association of Healthcare Philanthropy).

A Lesson in Leadership

Have you ever reported to a manager who was extremely proficient at process and organization but you would not judge them a good leader? This is not a slight to capable managers. Every office requires sound business management, structure and discipline, but true collective success can’t happen without a competent leader who understands how to [...]

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An Opportunity to Move Away from Event Dependency

For nonprofits that have long been laboring under the heavy yoke of managing multiple major fundraising events, this pandemic crisis has created a window of opportunity to change that dynamic and look to create a more balanced approach to revenue generation. Many organizations for years have wanted to migrate away from this traditional dependency, but [...]

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Never Fundraised … Where to Begin?

It shouldn’t be hard to understand that many nonprofits choose not to conduct public fundraising. Many rely on membership fees, existing endowment fund proceeds, grants, contributions from “well healed” founding members or families or net income annual conferences, symposia or other participant fee generated activities. The Friday Forum is just such an organization. But what [...]

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Why some Organizations Succeed: the Power of a Champion

Have you ever wondered why some non-profits become established, sustain their mission and continue to grow over time, even during the inevitable downturns in the economy, while others seem not to fair so well? While there are many factors that contribute to the long-term success of a non-profit, I would posit that there is one [...]

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Our Momentum Continues!

Welcome to our new website! As we prepare to enter our 25th anniversary year in 2017 of continuing operation, it’s hard to imagine how much our profession has changed over these many years. We have been fortunate to welcome some of the most critical thought provoking leaders to present at our Harvard Club programs. We’ve [...]

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Welcome to the new website!

I am very excited to welcome you to our newly designed website. To say that this has been a long time coming is a great understatement, but finally it is here! To everyone involved in this effort, especially our board treasurer, Andrea Ferreira, past-chair, Larry Raff, Secretary, John Perry and especially our web designer, Robin [...]

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