Strategies for Nonprofits to Rise to the Fundraising Challenge of COVID-19

Thanks for joining the Friday Forum's Virtual Roundtable today. The slides associated with the March 27, 2020 session hosted by Sharon Stanczak and facilitated by Larry Raff are here: COVID-19 ZOOM PRESENTATION 3-2020 FInal 3.25.20. Due to popular demand, a second live session is scheduled for Friday, April 17, 2020 at 9 AM. See the events [...]

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Are Small Colleges a Safe Philanthropic Bet?

A Boston Globe article on November 19, 2019 “Under pressure from colleges, advising company yanks report on their financial health” addresses an important topic few in higher education want to discuss. With a recent spat of college closures, mergers and acquisitions, a college advisory services firm called Edmit was about to publish its report that [...]

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Ten Rules to Live By for Senior Development Professionals

Here a few “rules” that I’ve learned from a career in development. Hopefully some of them resonate with you! RECOGNIZE. On a regular basis, recognize the important contributions of a member of your team. Even the small things. Kindness goes a long way and it builds confidence and contributes to a healthy culture. Do it [...]

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Whew! Mission accomplished!

That is how I feel after celebrating the successful completion of Bryant University’s second comprehensive campaign in the institution’s 156-year history! Although the frontline fundraisers, special events staff, and communications team are exhausted from the nine-year odyssey, the entire University is riding on an emotional high and is ready to begin thinking about the next [...]

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Never Fundraised … Where to Begin?

It shouldn’t be hard to understand that many nonprofits choose not to conduct public fundraising. Many rely on membership fees, existing endowment fund proceeds, grants, contributions from “well healed” founding members or families or net income annual conferences, symposia or other participant fee generated activities. The Friday Forum is just such an organization. But what [...]

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“What’s not to love?”

Ahhh, summers in Boston; so much to love...the Swan Boats, Cape weekends, walks along the Charles, ice cream!  And a few things to hate...traffic, Cape traffic, tunnel traffic, college move in/out traffic, middle-of-the-day-for-no-good-reason traffic.  Check out this Boston Magazine article, "15 Things to love and 11 things to loathe about Boston" for a more complete [...]

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The Might in Mentoring

What career advice would you give your younger self? Perhaps along your career path you might have been blessed to find an experienced colleague, manager, or friendly soul who was willing to serve as a mentor. This Someone Special may have had a mighty impact on you, providing great advice or connecting you with someone [...]

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The Power of the Handwritten Note

I experienced a loss this year. And, because I am blessed with loving family, friends, and colleagues, I received numerous phone calls, emails and text messages.  But what grabbed my heart was discovering several envelopes with my name and address handwritten on them (with real stamps!) as I sorted through my daily mail. There was something [...]

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Life as a Road Warrior

For many of us in development, taking to the road is a necessary and critical part of the job. We need to fly the friendly skies in order to identify and qualify donors, educate them on the needs of our organizations, and solicit them for transformational gifts. How often have we described a trip to [...]

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Interview with Birgit Smith Burton, Founder of the African American Development Officers Network (AADO)

By Sharon J. Stanczak, President, The Friday Forum An Advancement Visionary I am pleased to welcome Birgit Smith Burton to The Friday Forum Blog. Birgit is the Executive Director of Development, Foundation Relations at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Founder of the African American Development Officers Network (AADO). In partnership with CASE, the AADO [...]

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