Dizz in Developmentland Refuses Discouragement

What if some of our industry’s job churn is rooted in fear? What if the honeymoon is eight months, followed by facing one’s choice, then adapting and committing to reality? What if a gift officer hasn’t learned to “adapt and commit” in order to make a real difference? Here’s a story illustrating tenacity and the [...]

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A Lesson in Leadership

Have you ever reported to a manager who was extremely proficient at process and organization but you would not judge them a good leader? This is not a slight to capable managers. Every office requires sound business management, structure and discipline, but true collective success can’t happen without a competent leader who understands how to [...]

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Getting to the Right Question

I don’t know of a single organization that has not spent the past year reevaluating its priorities and assessing the continued relevance of its mission. A year of existential upheaval seems to have given all of us a new sense of permission to explore our most daunting problems—particularly the question of how to address systemic [...]

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Recruiting and Hiring in a Brave New World

It’s been just over a year since the fundraising world, as we knew it, was thrown a fast curve ball. Remote offices, online engagement, online annual and major gift fundraising, online meetings, and online management of staff and entire divisions. Then add to that remote, online recruiting and hiring. Who could have imagined? Many institutions [...]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Living Intentionally

I am not fit. My garage is not clean. I have not written a novel. Where did my commute time go? Like many of you, I have not been commuting since the COVID-19 outbreak began. After six months of “staying safer at home,” I calculated that I had saved a whopping 480 hours of time. [...]

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Remote Advancement Divisions – The “New Normal?”

The term “new normal” is highly polarizing in certain circles. What is normal and what is so new about the way we are living and working now? Sometimes it seems as if the dialogue around a “new normal” sanitizes the idea that our present is okay because normal is synonymous with regular. Yes, there are [...]

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Leadership During Complicated Times

Leadership is a difficult concept to master when times are good and an extraordinary challenge during complicated periods. Dare I say we are in a complicated period? The pandemic has created a public health crisis and fiscal storm which has evolved into a political conflict and is further compounded by social tensions. No challenges there…right? [...]

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An Opportunity to Move Away from Event Dependency

For nonprofits that have long been laboring under the heavy yoke of managing multiple major fundraising events, this pandemic crisis has created a window of opportunity to change that dynamic and look to create a more balanced approach to revenue generation. Many organizations for years have wanted to migrate away from this traditional dependency, but [...]

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