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As a leader, aspire to be a “Multiplier”

Many in our field work as front line fundraisers and work our way into leadership positions. As we transition, it is often easy to maintain our habits of “doing it yourself.” After all, we have been recognized for our achievement and hard work with promotions that put us in charge of other staff and often [...]

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Achievable? Ambitious! Audacious!! — What will your next campaign be?

Fundraising campaigns today are everywhere we look. If your charitable organization is not in one now, it surely is planning to launch one soon. And for many institutions, campaigning is now a continuous process. As a result, the traditional practice of allowing downtime in between campaigns to prevent "donor fatigue" appears to be fading necessitating [...]

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Reflections from Both Sides of the Table

Recently I attended a delightful family reunion replete with four generations. Of course it included the requisite assortment of birthday recognitions and “who-traveled-the-farthest” bragging rights, accompanied by several quiet conversations with various relatives about how quickly time passes. Part of what makes reunions like this so meaningful is observing the naturally occurring, changing roles of [...]

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Our Momentum Continues!

Welcome to our new website! As we prepare to enter our 25th anniversary year in 2017 of continuing operation, it’s hard to imagine how much our profession has changed over these many years. We have been fortunate to welcome some of the most critical thought provoking leaders to present at our Harvard Club programs. We’ve [...]

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Welcome to the new website!

I am very excited to welcome you to our newly designed website. To say that this has been a long time coming is a great understatement, but finally it is here! To everyone involved in this effort, especially our board treasurer, Andrea Ferreira, past-chair, Larry Raff, Secretary, John Perry and especially our web designer, Robin [...]

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